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Thankful for 2021

When describing the year 2021, I could start with endless cliches that you’ve probably heard and/or been saying yourself since 2020 honestly. Last year was tough. It was challenging, it caused so much change in our lives. One thing I bet you wouldn’t expect me to say is that I am thankful for 2021. But I am, and that is because I feel blessed to have had an amazing group of people to lean on when things got tough. We may not have been able to gather the way we were used to, but we made the best of it. We used our online communication platform to the MAX, sharing tons of before/after pictures of our work, a series of cleaning tips Tuesday, inspirational quotes and tons of pet pictures.

Working for a cleaning company in the middle of a pandemic is not a walk in the park. Our technicians were front line essential workers; putting their own health at risk to sanitize and disinfect workplaces and homes, to protect others. Our mission is to foster work life balance, and with school being virtual, we had to find creative ways for our technicians to be available for their children’s educational needs as well as maintaining their source of income. It pushed us to think outside the box and to work as a team to continue our journey together.

Another challenge we faced in 2021 was the gas shortage that lasted a few days but impacted us greatly. Our technicians need to drive to our clients’ homes and businesses all across Cumberland County, and with the gas shortages we worried we would have to find a way to strap on our cleaning supplies to the back of bicycles if it continued. Even in the middle of a crisis, we found a way to laugh and joke about it. What else could we do but simply take head-on any and all challenges that came our way? Doing so empowered so much personal growth in our team and after all personal growth is the second part of our Company mission statement. In 2021, we have had countless technicians grow within our company, from our Social Media Director to our Human Resources Officer and for others we were the launching pad to successful careers and incredible achievements.

This kind of personal growth is difficult on good days, but it seems almost unreachable in the middle of a worldwide standstill, and yet these individuals have stepped up and worked incredibly hard to achieve their goals. It is true, 2021 caused a lot of problems, but the growth happened in finding the solutions and that is what I am most thankful for. I can’t predict what life would be like today if it wasn’t for 2021 , but I know for a fact that Savvy would not be where it is today without the hard work and cooperation of these amazing people. Life may have handed us lemons last year, but here at Savvy we turned those lemons into an all-natural cleaning product!

I am thrilled to be starting a new year and I can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring us.

Emilie Williamson

Ms. Clean Freak

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