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Fayetteville's Top Rated Church Cleaning Service

Join other satisfied churches who have benefited from our specialized church cleaning services.

Churches & Religious Centers Cleaning

Our Priorities:

Provide you services that are tailored to your preferences, we emphasize clear communication and attention to detail.


Cleaned your way, right down to where you want your trash and how you prefer your windows cleaned.

Cleaning Professional

Traffic Areas

Routine Maintenance

Our collaborative efforts and dedication to service excellence ensure that your sacred space is meticulously cleaned and maintained to the highest standards.

Fellowship Hall

Party Cleanup

An important function of your church may be to host weddings, baptisms and funerals. We can relieve some of the burden by taking care of all the necessary cleaning.

Entire Facilities

Deep Clean

We understand the importance of a spotless and welcoming environment within a religious facility, and our team strives for perfection in delivering a clean and inviting space for worship.

Savvy's Standard Church Cleaning Checklist


  • Sweep interior and exterior entrance areas

  • Dust and clean the doors and doorknobs 

  • Sweep and mop/vacuum the lobby floor  

  • Clean glass and reception furniture surfaces

  • Wipe down walls 


  • Empty waste bins

  • Dust desk, chairs, cabinets, shelves, and other surfaces 

  • Wipe and clean office equipment 

  • Clean windows and other glass surfaces 

  • Sweep and mop/vacuum the floors

  • Wipe down walls

Kitchen/Fellowship Hall

  • Sweep and mop/vacuum the floor

  • Clean and sanitize all countertops and surfaces 

  • Clean Tables and Chairs

  • Clean light fixtures, faucets, and sinks 

  • Empty waste bins 

Final Touches

  • Air Freshen all rooms

  • Check all ceilings

  • Clean all doors and doorways

  • Clean all light switch plates and outlets


Worship Area(s)/Nave

  • Sweep and mop/vacuum the floor

  • Dust the walls, windowsills, and other surfaces  

  • Clean the windows and other glass surfaces 

  • Wipe down and polish wooden pews, railings, and other wood surfaces  

  • Wipe and clean window blinds 

  • Clean and clear the altar area

  • Dust and arrange instruments 

  • Mop the floors

  • Empty waste bins

  • Clean the walls, sink, and toilets 

  • Disinfect every surface 

  • Restock air fresheners 

  • Clean storage cabinets 

  • Inspect drains 

  • Check toilet and sink plumbing for leaks and cracks 


  • Sweep and mop/vacuum floors 

  • Clean and arrange toys and other objects

  • Empty waste bins

  • Change sheets in the nursery 

  • Disinfect surfaces 

  • Clean windows and window blinds 

  • Wipe down walls 

Additional Services  

  • Dish washing

  • Full Refrigerator Clean

  • Full Oven Clean

  • Baseboard Scrubbing

  • Restock soap and paper products 

  • And more!

Quality Control

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of cleaning services do you offer for religious spaces?

We offer comprehensive cleaning services for religious spaces, including sanctuary cleaning, restroom cleaning, floor care, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and general janitorial services to maintain a clean and welcoming environment.

  • Can you accommodate our specific religious service schedule for cleaning?

Absolutely. We can customize the cleaning schedule to align with your religious service schedule, ensuring minimal disruption and a clean space for worship and community activities.

  • Is your cleaning staff trained and insured?

Absolutely. Our cleaning technicians undergo thorough training to ensure they are proficient in cleaning techniques, equipment usage, and safety protocols. Additionally, they are fully insured to provide peace of mind to our clients.

  • How do you handle special events and ceremonies that require additional cleaning?

We can accommodate special events, ceremonies, and gatherings by providing additional cleaning services before and after the event. Our team will ensure the space is pristine and ready for your congregation and guests.

  • Can you handle sensitive religious artifacts and decorations during cleaning?

Absolutely. Our cleaning staff is trained to handle religious artifacts and decorations with care and respect. We follow specific instructions to ensure the safe cleaning of sacred items and maintain the sanctity of the space.

  • How do you address the preservation of historical or older religious buildings during cleaning?

We approach the cleaning of historical or older religious buildings with utmost care and expertise. Our team uses gentle cleaning methods and appropriate products to preserve the integrity and historical value of the structure and its artifacts.

  • Do you provide post-construction or renovation cleaning for religious spaces?

Yes, we offer post-construction or renovation cleaning services to help prepare your religious space after a construction project, ensuring it's clean, safe, and ready for use by your congregation.

  • What measures do you take to ensure quality control?

We implement a comprehensive quality control system that includes regular inspections, client feedback mechanisms, and ongoing training for our cleaning staff. This ensures consistent high-quality service and allows us to make any necessary adjustments to meet your expectations.

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