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Why Savvy?

The dedication to our employees. In the past, cleaning jobs have not been regarded with much appreciation. We want to show respect to cleaning professionals and acknowledge their essentiality to civilization. What is the first thing you notice when entering someone’s home or a business? The scent, the clutter or lack thereof, the feel of tables and countertops, that first impression is directly a result of cleaning. The same way that people must wash to keep themselves healthy, a home needs to be cleaned. Cleaning professionals have to undergo rigorous training to learn techniques and chemical interactions. They are skilled in their profession and should be respected in their work. Additionally, the work performed by a cleaning specialist is arduous, physically demanding and sometimes dangerous. At Savvy Cleaning Company, we advocate for the profession to be appreciated in our community, we also show respect to all our cleaning specialists. We want to create a professional environment where hard work is recognized. We also invest in providing continued training and education for all technicians, so that everyone is empowered to pursue personal growth. We create leadership and skill development as well as advancement opportunities.

Meet Our Team

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What its like to work at Savvy

"It is a great company to work for! Everyone is so caring. The technicians are top notch!"

-Kimberly, Office Assistant

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